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Botanical Benefits HSN Complex (Hair, Skin, Nails)

Categories: Skin, Hair, Nails, Circulatory System

The herbs combined to make Botanical Benefits HSN Complex are beneficial for nourishing, repairing and protecting the skin, hair and nails. Botanical Benefits HSN Complex contains silicon, an essential trace element crucial in the formation of callogen, an elastin that is found in large amounts in both the hair and skin.

Botanical Benefits HSN Complex is a combination of the following herbs:

Botanical Benefits HSN Complex is designed to enrich the health, strength, and vibrancy of hair, skin and nails. Botanical Benefits HSN Complex contains 50% more horsetail herb than HSN-W providing antioxidant benefits and essential vitamins and minerals necessary for healthy skin, hair and nails. Botanical Benefits HSN Complex is also beneficial for cleansing and stimulating the circulatory system.

Take 2-3 Nature's Sunshine Botanical Benefits HSN Complex capsules twice a day with meals. Take one Herbal Mountain Vitamins for Hair tablet daily with a meal.

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